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Personal Injury

When you need a personal injury lawyer, The Turner Law Firm has the experience and resources to provide effective legal assistance when filing a claim. Whether you were injured on a local road or major highway, by a private car or commercial vehicle, we can help you build a successful case for rightful compensation for your injuries and property damage.

When you are injured, you will require medical treatment. In some cases, rehabilitative care is necessary to fully recover. During this time, you will need to take time out of work, compromising your income. These are all expenses that should be covered by the at-fault party. The law also provides additional funds to compensate you for your pain and suffering. When you have been injured, you not only have to recover physically and financially, but also emotionally. For your injuries and your traumatic experience, we will advocate for everything you deserve.*

While you focus on recovery, we will provide the legal guidance and support. We'll help you file a claim. We'll work with the insurance company of the third part at fault in order to ensure timely payments to cover your immediate expenses. In negotiations, we will work to arrange for a settlement. If negotiations are not successful, we will be your advocate in court and fight for your right to compensation. Throughout the process, we will answer questions, address concerns, and discuss the details of your case to keep you fully informed.

We provide the personal attention you need to successfully win your case. For local representation, call today to get the process started with a consultation. We have flexible appointment scheduling and can arrange to meet in your home or at your hospital, if necessary.

*The Turner Law Firm never guarantees a specific result but we are committed to seeking every benefit recoverable under the law.

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Workers Compensation

Work injuries are a sad but common element of employment. Also true is that some employers knowingly or unknowingly subject their employees to unsafe working conditions. Unfortunately, when this happens, workers can suffer in more ways than one. From life-altering injuries that demand ongoing medical treatment to lost wages, workplace accidents can hurt employees physically, financially, and emotionally.

When Injury Strikes

At The Turner Law Firm (TLF), we know that many injuries that happen at work are simple accidents. In these cases, you may be able to obtain workers compensation to alleviate some of the financial stress after you've been harmed. However, you must be aware that workers compensation insurance carriers have a goal of providing you the minimum medical attention required and getting you back to work as quickly as possible; whether it's the best thing for you or not! In these circumstances, its best to have an advocate like TLF who will monitor this process with YOUR best interest in mind.

Additionally, if the negligence of third party (a person or company other than your employer) contributed to causing your injury, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against that party; even if you're also receiving workers' compensation benefits from your employer.

Exploring Your Rights

A work injury lawyer at TLF can help you understand all of your rights and entitlements. After a workplace accident, you may feel as if you're alone and without options. Don't let these negative feelings consume you. Instead, empower yourself by contacting our legal team for your initial consultation. We'll be happy to advise you of your rights and legal alternatives, and offer you support during this trying time, so call our office today.

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Social Security

Social Security is a government program that many people in the United States count on when they become disabled or are unable to work. Unfortunately, like the majority of government programs available, obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can be a tiring process.

Turner Law Firm Can and Wants To Help

If you're looking for assistance in navigating the complex process of applying for Social Security or Disability benefits, you can count on the services offered by The Turner Law Firm (TLF). Our legal team is comprised of attorneys who are very familiar with the Social Security application system, and we want to help you get the benefits you deserve. Whether you're applying for Social Security due to a recent disability or have been denied benefits after submitting your application, our Social Security law attorneys are here to help you. We know that Social Security benefits can make the difference between struggling financially and having the funds you need to survive and obtain sufficient medical care.

Don't Wait

The sooner you get help, the sooner you can get your Social Security benefits approved. Instead of trying to get through this complicated process on your own, trust in the abilities of TLF. We're fully prepared to answer your questions and guide you through the application process. Call us today to learn more.

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Premises Liability

Premises liability matters involve people who are hurt or killed by dangerous conditions and building code violations at rental homes, retail stores, shopping malls, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, and construction and work sites.

Land and business owners have a legal duty to provide safe premises for patrons, renters and guests. When that duty is ignored, innocent people may be seriously injured or killed. Prompt retention of legal service is essential to preserve the scene(s) and document conditions as they existed at the time of injury and before the owner can make changes.

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